Martin Desjardins Martin Desjardins

Martin Desjardins

Founder of MDCO & Lead Real Estate Broker

In this business, it’s not just about what you know, but who you know. When I started selling real estate in Montreal over 15 years ago, I knew that the most important part of this career would be the connections I would build with my clients, collaborators and the community. Success in real estate happens when you know the people, places and the potential of this city. It was always my goal to create a team with this philosophy and to become a master real estate connector.

Today, MDCO is Montreal’s destination for home sellers and buyers who want to maximize their investment opportunities with the right connections.

Whether you are looking to sell your Montreal property or looking to move into the city, our network connects you to the Montreal real estate market, lifestyle and scene like no other.

It is my mission to make sure every client feels the MDCO difference and that starts by connecting you to the very best team of brokers that this city has to offer.
(514) 434 0208

Sabrina Marino Sabrina Marino

Sabrina Marino

Residential Real Estate Broker

Sabrina is the real estate broker that you dream of having in your corner for any transaction. She has been helping clients sell and buy homes for 5 years and brings her team-playing skills to every interaction. She is soft spoken and a lot of fun to be around while approaching every negotiation with class and rigour. She combines the grit, hustle and fun that we stand for and clients love to work with.

When Sabrina approached us, we lined up our values around customer experience and we knew right away that she had the MDCO gift of being a true connector. She puts every client at the centre of our network to maximize visibility and opportunity, and she doesn’t stop until her clients achieve the results they are looking for.
(514) 244 8741

Katya Miranda Katya Miranda

Katya Miranda

Team Operations Executive

Katya is the ultimate connector of our team. While many brokers may have assistants, Katya brings a whole new dimension to this role as a fully licensed residential real estate broker. With her knowledge and skillset, she is able to manage our team and clients with unparalleled efficiency.

Coupled with her tenacity and organization, Katya’s fun, positive approach makes it possible for us to maintain the MDCO standard of excellence in everything we do to stay connected with our clients.

She is the one behind every transaction making sure we are able to do our best work for you.
(514) 434 0208